Cognet CogNet can provide a holistic approach to transition most of a payroll, Benefits, Tax, Accounting process or we can help you focus on a single piece that adds the most value.

We have expertise and experience in the following business processes:

Whether you are a payroll bureau or a one-stop shop we have a solution for you. CogNet can provide a holistic approach to transition most of a payroll process or we can help you focus on a single piece that adds the most value.

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We bring payroll to you with two options. First, a traditional BPO relationship where we do the work on your system via the internet, or a small to mid-market solution that comes with Software and BPO services.

Whether you are a Third Party Administrator (TPA) of health and welfare benefits or an enrollment engine, we have a solution for you. The CogNet team will support your repetitive and time sensitive tasks so have time to answer questions and consult your customers on their benefits.

We have experience and expertise in the following business processes:

  • Enrollment and Eligibility
  • Reconciliation and Remittance
  • Billing
  • Plan Administration
  • Claims Entry and Adjudication
  • Network Administration and Maintenance
  • COBRA Administration

We bring you the choice of traditional BPO work on your existing systems to focus you on a consultative product, or we offer you enrollment and management Software with our BPO expertise included.

CogNet knows PEO, and understands the complexity of being a "one-stop shop". Our PEO product is flexible. CogNet provides an offshore operations center across all of your functional areas (e.g. payroll, benefits, accounting, sales support and technology). For example, if we provide benefits administration it would make sense that we also reconcile and manage billing and invoicing as well.

We seek to add process solutions, not departments. The operating model we co-create with you is tailored to your size, complexity and goals. We can take one task off your plate, or we can create a large-scale offshore operations center.

The CogNet team has deep subject matter expertise in the management and administration functions unique to PEO and offers the following:

  • Payroll Processing and Tax Administration, from time management to paycheck to 941.
  • Benefits Administration (Health, Dental, LTD/STD etc.), both master policy and client retained.
  • COBRA Administration
  • Deduction Management (Garnishments, Employee Paid Plans, etc.)
  • Unemployment Administration, from tax filing to claims management.
  • Risk Management (Audits, Reporting, Underwriting Support Services)
  • Pricing, Underwriting and Renewal Support Services and Tools.
  • Sales and Marketing Support (Lead Generation, Rep Assistant, eMarketing, etc.).
  • Finance and Accounting (Accounts Payable, Commissions, Recons, JE Entry, etc.)
  • Information Technology (Desktop, DBA, Help Desk, Software Development, Webmaster)

CogNet provides insurance agencies BPO services specific to their day-to-day operations, as well as the Human Resource services listed above that overlap. CogNet can bring a Benefits agency a single-point solution like Benefits Reconciliation for your customers or we can get you in the HR Services business with a “Bureau in a Box”. We bring the Payroll, Benefits and HR Software along with our BPO services to get you in the business, or simply focus on one part of your business.

Whether you are a Background and Verification shop or an aggregator of services, we offer comprehensive Recruiting Placement Outsourcing (RPO) providers an entire range of products and solutions. In fact, if you wish to broaden your product line through expansion or acquisition, CogNet can be your strategic partner to make that happen.

We understand how diversified you need to be in RPO today and have the following solutions tailored to your needs:

  • Applicant Tracking
  • Candidate Screening
  • Recruiting Administration
  • Background Check Administration
  • Verification Administration (Employment and Education)
  • Performance Assessment
  • Staffing Vendor Management Solutions

We typically operate on your platform and can provide any or all of the services listed above.

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