Simply put "CogNet" will save you money and increase your
“high value” productivity time with a quick “Cost of Process” review.

In just 12 minutes, we will show you, using your data how CogNet will off load your “low value” work so you can
decide how to use those employees to focus on whatever your business needs are…customer
satisfaction, growing your business or the bottom line.

Gather your own data on how many units, steps and how much time on average it takes to do the work. The CogNet template makes this process quick and simple.
The CogNet template has been refined with 100’s of different organizations and processes, chances are very high your process is already defined.
We guide you through it, so you get a comfort level of what CogNet can do for you.
See the true economics of the current Cost of Process at your labor rate and units versus what it can be with CogNet. Basic math, your $25 an hour (fully-loaded) versus $9 for the same work, no matter how much.

The assessment is just four basics steps, each step will help you understand your business better

Get your Cost of Process Assessment