Cognet CogNet can provide a holistic approach to transition most of a payroll, Benefits, Tax, Accounting process or we can help you focus on a single piece that adds the most value.

Your Team

  • Prospecting
  • Nurturing Relationships
  • Networking
  • Setting Appointments
  • Follow Up
  • Closing

Our Team

  • Collecting Client Data
  • Submission Data Entry
  • CRM Management
  • Accord Applications
  • Generating Proposals
  • Loss Runs
  • Census/Questionnaires
  • Clerical Work

Necessary Tasks

Sales Support

  • Pricing Point Software
  • Submission Data Collection
  • Loss Analysis and Pick
  • Healthcare Evaluation
  • Proposal Generation
  • Commission Management
  • Policy Administration
  • Lead Generation and Scrubbing
  • Marketing Campaign Execution

Risk Management

  • Policy Management
  • Renewal Administration
  • Certificates of Insurance
  • Premium Audits and Reporting

"We were seeking a way to allow our sales team to spend more time prospecting and less time filling out forms, and in addition to reduce our cost per proposal which in the PEO industry can be much more time consuming and expensive than you think. The ability to combine data for Workers’ Compensation and Health underwriting with the automatic generation of Sales Collateral and Legal Documents simplifies the entire process. Cognet brought us both the technology to seamlessly integrate all the data required to quote business, but also a support team to do the leg work to generate the proposal as fast as possible. This combination enabled us to increase sales while reducing cost per proposal by over 50 percent, allowing us to focus on the more important task of revenue growth." - Jim, CEO of a PEO

Case Study Facts

  • 200 Proposals per Month
  • At 3.3 Hours of work per Proposal you need four (4) Sales Support people to do the work
  • Average Salary of $50,000 + Taxes and Benefits + Overhead at 20 percent is $72,000 a year
  • Cost is $288,000 a year to employ four staff, so the cost per proposal is $120
  • Cognet would reduce your cost of process by 73 percent or to $33 per proposal

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Whether you are a payroll bureau or a one-stop shop we have a solution for you. CogNet can provide a holistic approach to transition most of a payroll process or we can help you focus on a single piece that adds the most value.

We allow you to focus on sales and customer service by taking over necessary but repetitive parts of the payroll process.

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